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Since 1985 Laboratorio Dolciario Ester has produced and distributed typical apulian products, the "tarallo" being its flagship. Our tarallo is made from an old family recipe, used to make golden sticks, similar to bread, tasty and fragrant, thanks to its simple ingredients, like flour, olive oil, white wine and sea salt, all typical of the Mediterranean diet. The secret of the good taste of our taralli is due to the preservation of the home-made production process, boiling, and cooking, as well as to the accurate and meticulous selection of the raw ingredients, all natural and without additives or preservatives.

Among our products we have the "Tarallo lungo di Barletta", unique in its shape and delicate taste, with fennel seeds, pepper, made with a classic recipe and delightful with a glass of good wine; "Taralli tondi" (round shaped), delicious rings with fennel seeds; "Tagrì", the first tarallo-bread-stick, which is a small stick flavoured with fennel seed, onion or "pizzaiola", ideal for a happy-hour with friends. "Tarallini attraenti", snacks with fennel seeds or pepper, ideal in any occasion. Thanks to the quality of our products we have become producers of the label "Terre d'Italia" for Carrefour supermarkets as well as developed a wide network of distributors in the territory.

Each product offered to our customers is the result of a process where every aspect of production is meticulously taken care of: from repeated quality tests to the respect of the strictest health codes (H.A.C.C.P.). Our work in this regard is in constant evolution. We are currently working to obtain a number of certifications, among which are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, to guarantee the quality and respect for the environment in our production process.

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