Tarallificio Ester, Apulian tradition and innovation since 1985

A family recipe.

Tarallificio Ester - Apulian Taralli
Discover our offer exclusively focused on the manufacturing of Apulian boiled taralli, coming from an ancient family recipe handed down for three generations and realised with selected raw materials, with Italian soft wheat flour and extra virgin olive oil.

Tradition, Quality and Innovation

Tarallificio Ester - Apulian Taralli
Tarallificio Ester means not only utmost respect for Apulian tradition, but also industrial innovation starting with the selection, control and storage of high-quality raw materials to preserve the related nutritional properties in order to pack premium-quality, genuine and tasty boiled taralli.

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Tarallificio Ester - Apulian Taralli
Shop online our products. You can easily order on Amazon.it, at Tarallificio Ester store to get home Apulian traditional delicacies. From the classic to the most fanciful ones, our taralli will win your tastes over and amaze you for their quality and genuineness. Try them and tell us what you think!

Apulian boiled Taralli

Our selection

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