For more than 30 years Ester’s taralli have kept the flavour and aroma of the real Apulian homemade taralli. Would you like to find out our ancient family recipe?

Tarallificio Ester: story and recipe for success of our Apulian taralli

Tarallificio Ester - Apulian Taralli
Founded in Barletta in 1985, Tarallificio Ester represents the perfect fusion between tradition and technological innovation. The company – which is currently managed by the third generation of its founding family –  is first of all a great team brought together by a clear vocation: the preservation and valorisation of the Apulian gastronomic culture by realising taralli faithful to tradition, but with a proactive look at our consumers’ ever-changing requirements. Ester’s Apulian taralli come from an ancient family recipe which still succeeds in reproducing the flavour and fragrance of homemade taralli. Born as a small artisan bakery, Tarallificio Ester has always been standing out for quality and affordability becoming an excellence, not only nationally-recognised but also abroad, exporting the goodness of Apulian taralli towards several European countries and the United States of America. Over the years, the company has gained a valuable experience, investing in industrial technology, still in accordance with traditional recipe and method.

Manufacturer of Apulian taralli and scaldatelli for Private Labels

A 30-year experience in taralli manufacturing, attention on quality control and affordability are the values which have led us to work – for more than 15 years – as supplier of international Large-Scale Distribution tradersPrivate labels. Within the production for retailer brands, our commitment starts from listening to our partners’ requirements, to whom we guarantee:
  • hygiene and food safety high standards
  • respect of excellent specifications to guarantee maximum quality of the raw materials handled and the final product
  • maximum willingness to provide customised solutions
  • production flexibility
  • affordability in terms of logistics and punctuality of delivery

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Our company Certifications for Apulian taralli manufacturing

The clients and their satisfaction lie at the heart of our activity; therefore, in order to offer them the best Italian food, Tarallificio Ester currently performs in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, which represents the International standard for the Quality Management System. Certificazione ISO 9001 In addition, to meet the latest and ever-changing market’s needs, Tarallificio Ester has achieved the EU Organic Certification, in accordance with (EC) Regulation 848/2018 which disciplines organic production and organic products labelling. Certificazione biologica

Find out our new organic taralli line!

Innovative production process for boiled taralli faithful to Apulian tradition.

The goodness of our taralli has got many secrets: the preservation of the whole Apulian traditional method, the special boiling and thorough baking which make taralli shiny, gilded, crunchy and the meticulous attention on every detail. Our commitment starts from the selection of the most precious raw materials to guarantee the client constant quality and freshness over time. We strive to select our suppliers with great care and regularly track the quality of the raw materials handled as well as the final product after its selling.

The quality of our taralli starts from the selection of the Raw Materials.

Italian type “0” soft wheat flour

Italian type “0” soft wheat flour.

For a less refined and genuinely Italian product.

100% Apulian remilled durum wheat semolina

100% Apulian remilled durum wheat semolina.

For perfectly gilded and crunchy taralli.

Ancient grains and seeds

Ancient grains and seeds.

Mixes with excellent nutritional properties.

Italian olive oil and extra virgin olive oil

Italian olive oil and extra virgin olive oil.

To preserve the flavour and fragrance typical of the Apulian tradition.

High Oleic sunflower seeds oil

High Oleic sunflower seeds oil.

For a better preservation of the product.

Apulian white wine

Apulian white wine.

To give taralli an intense and rich aroma.